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When I was born, my parents were stunned. I was illuminated, almost holy, a docile burst in that sterile place (a poverty, a stupidity). This is how the story goes. Wherever I go, I am my own ghetto. I don’t drive. Mobility is an issue. When I am rushing, no one knows. It’s like watching clouds crawl across the zone of a flat Pennsylvania sky. Did you see that? the voice asks. No answer. I am there, intellectually dividing myself. Nevertheless, “Taking Up Space”: Email me.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Twist Out Shout Out

My book will be published one day.

This right here is a twist out, sculpted and lovingly defined an hour before I met with my writing group. This was a good day, a wintry, spring Tuesday. I had the pleasure of feeling split, yet pulled together and whole. I'm that brave big chop chick; I'm that chick that's about to grow an Afro big enough to command space. I collaborated with coconut oil and Keracare's twist and define cream for this creation.
My book has already been published in some other universe.

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